Auckland lawn mowing Leads

We generate mowing leads daily in the Auckland Area. If you want more jobs and more customers sign up today!

We have Regular fortnightly, 3 weekly, monthly mowing clients and one off jobs. Often a One off job can turn into a regular job.

We pass on the lead from your requested area list via text or email, you then quote the job directly with the client, if they wish to take your quote you get the job. Its up to you how you quote and how much you quote!

Our leads start from $8 a lead

$8 per lead option – this is offered to a max of 4 lead clients who then quote the job and try get the job

$15 per lead option – this is offered to 1 lead client only.

We also offer a fixed price pre quoted jobs. This is were we quote the job and then pass the job on to you. Ie a first cut job maybe quoted at $250 and then regular mowing at $45 per cut. The fee for this will vary

We can also offer small customer bases if you require more jobs in your area. From 1 to 10 clients or more. Just ask with your area and how many clients you require

All prices plus gst. Please note clients may call other providers for quotes, so normally fast and lower prices normally win the deal